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For both residential and also industrial tasks, you will certainly obtain competitive quotes for concrete surfaces like garages, patio areas, and also cooking areas. With decorative chip flakes, you can include a personal touch. This anti slip profile will certainly include gripping and also anti-slip attributes to any type of concrete flooring.

Our business is based out of Dallas, Texas, and also we have been providing for fellow Texans for many years. From our beginnings in Dallas, we have expanded our service locations to consist of Fort Worth, Dallas, and also Plano, along with Lubbock. If you live or work in Dallas and also need concrete layers, please reach out to us for a TOTALLY FREE quote.

Elegant Polyaspartic Concrete Coatings With A Lifetime Warranty In Bobwyn

We provide top quality and elegant flooring systems for basements, pool decks, patios

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Now is the right time to upgrade the outlook of your garage. ProArmour’s garage floor...

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Our floor coatings are built to elevate and polish the appearance and feel of your work...

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We provide top quality and elegant flooring systems for basements, pool decks, patios

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ProArmour Garage Floor Epoxy

Get Beautiful, High Quality, And Durable Concrete Coatings At Competitive Prices in Bobwyn

ProArmour Offers:

  • Unique and Customizable Concrete Coatings That Meet Your Tastes And Needs
  • 100% Polyaspartic Multi-Color Flake Flooring systems That enhance the curb appeal and value of your property
  • Long-lasting, Non-slip, and Abrasion-resistant Flooring systems
  • Easy to clean and Low-Maintenance Flooring Solutions Concrete Floor Coatings Designed To Withstand Wear and Tear
  • And Serve You For Many Years

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Coatings Systems

In many cases, it is also necessary to prime a garage flooring, as an example, if the concrete is spalling as a result of road salts, or it was put using a lower grade concrete and also is currently granular or milky, has actually exposed accumulation from aging or is tarnished. Additionally, using primer is useful when prolonging the protection of an epoxy finish, since the epoxy is currently covering a secured surface as opposed to porous concrete. In this case, priming is a better option, since you obtain a thicker layer of epoxy and also more protection. Approximately 25% more epoxy protection can be achieved with primer. If the flooring on your house is not common, we suggest calling one of our professionals prior to acquiring and also using an epoxy finish. Almost any type of sort of floor covering can be topped with our primers.

There are several sorts of epoxies, each used for a various function, and also you must be familiar with the differences between them. The conventional garage flooring paint is made from oil or water-based elements. Normally, they are used on wall surfaces and also ceilings, so they aren’t suitable for floor covering such as epoxy floor covering which can withstand hefty foot traffic and also roll under lorries considering several bunches. A 2 component epoxy flooring paint is extra generally discovered than a one component ordinary flooring paint.

Epoxies are made up of 2 parts, Part A – the resin and also pigment – and also Part B – the hardener. Part A and also B harden to develop an extremely durable coating when incorporated with each other just like epoxy glue. The epoxy requires to be of excellent quality to do that. Epoxies based on water remain in the huge bulk inferior to semi-gloss paints. It’s extremely hard to distinguish between excellent quality and also inferior epoxy floor covering paints that are solids-based. This post discusses exactly how to discriminate between actual industrial grade flooring epoxy paint and also just-to-name industrial grade paint.

It is a good suggestion to keep away from epoxy floor covering items that claim to not need a top coat. You’ll have no problem diminishing the high gloss coating from your garage tires with constant weaving. All epoxies, also those that are 100% solid, loss under this category. It’s not quite as tough as it requires to be for abrasion by car or trucks, even though they’re of better high quality. The following area discusses extra regarding overcoats.

The vital elements of epoxy, the critical abilities, consist of adhesion, effect, density, sorts of epoxy and also the degree of firmness( abrasion) of the last overcoat, which will certainly see one of the most damage.

The following are the epoxy floor covering systems we suggest for many tasks. See our SPECIALIZED COATINGS PAGE that has epoxy layers for all kinds of special projects consisting of acid resistant floors, floors for a industrial kitchen or food handling center, floors for paint mechanical equipment and also pipelines, along with high end metal epoxy finishes.

It is ideal for locations where rain and also snow are common in the seasons, since garage flooring epoxy is resistant to moisture, dirt, chemicals, and also salt. Additionally, flooring layers prevent dirt and also dirt from spreading throughout your garage and also on your possessions, which is often caused by foot traffic and also vehicles kicking up dirt. Sealers serve as a barrier to dirt, leading to dust-free garages. You will certainly have the ability to keep your garage much cleaner and also more secure. As well as supplying protection versus chemicals and also salt (if you live where salt is used during the wintertime), a garage flooring coating will certainly additionally protect your concrete. Gradually, salt wears away concrete, causing matching and also rust.

For budget friendly garage floor covering that is budget friendly and also fulfills your budget, call our epoxy floor covering specialists today.

The high-end look of Metallic epoxy floors is often perplexed keeping that of marble. Cost-efficient and also very easy to set up, epoxy floors are a good selection.

We are your top selection when it comes to epoxy floor covering service providers in the Dallas area. Pro Armour COncrete Coatings is the premier selection for garage flaked floors, metal epoxy floors, and also industrial layers in Texas!

You will certainly notice that it takes a lot less time to clean your garage flooring epoxy coating. Messes can be cleaned up conveniently and also without trouble with a mild soap and also wipe, or a mop. In states where the roads are covered with salt, this is especially valuable during the wintertime.

For a 1 auto garage, epoxy garage flooring costs average $1,875 and also for a 2 auto garage, $3,600. According to many price quotes, a skillfully installed garage epoxy flooring costs between $3 and also $12 per square foot, which amounts to $750 to $3,000 for a single-car garage of 250 square feet. For a 400 to 500 square foot double garage that sets you back $1,200 to $6,000, it has to do with $1,200 to $6,000.

Depending on the sort of epoxy you choose, industrial or industrial epoxy floor covering costs around $2 to $10 per square foot. Epoxy costs can vary substantially relying on variables such as type, number of coats, and also application technique (trowel, roller, squeegee, or sprayer).

Is epoxy flooring coating actually all that it sounds like? Two-part solid-based epoxy finishes have either a solvent or a water base. In comparable style to epoxy glue, epoxy floor covering includes 2 separate parts, Resin and also Hardener. Oil-based and also water-based garage flooring paints are one of the most usual kinds. You have to understand why all epoxy floors are not the same, as they are neither component epoxy flooring paints neither are they oil based or water based and also you don’t want to have to do your flooring once more. Saving you time, money, and also distress, reading this page is the best point you can do.

Lots of people are not familiar with epoxy paints and also just believe they are another category of paint like semi-gloss or enamel. It would certainly be like comparing a Volkswagen Beetle with a Ferrari in the same category as standard garage flooring paint. Instead of a solitary component coating, an epoxy flooring coating is accumulated of 2 elements. If you consider epoxy sticky type adhesion vs duct tape adhesion, it is much much better to utilize epoxy flooring finish on your garage flooring or any type of concrete flooring for that issue than any type of standard oil based, water or enamel paint. With a incredibly high gloss coating, your flooring will certainly have a much more significant look, and also it will certainly additionally be waterproof, mold proof, and also mold proof. If treated appropriately, epoxy flooring finishes are just about discolor resistant, and also they are very easy to clean like Teflon frying pans. We offer several colors of epoxy finishes, along with personalized colors for larger floors if needed. Our epoxy can additionally be colored with decorative shade flakes for a granite-like impact. Besides the above functions, the best component is that your Pro Armour epoxy floor covering can last you approximately two decades! Adhering to are some of our top lessons learned from our 25 years as epoxy floor covering specialists in the Tri State area and also from our experience putting in epoxy floor covering. Due to our experience with every sort of floor covering there is and also every sort of product created, we understand specifically what works and also what does not work, making us the biggest online epoxy floor covering seller. In terms of flooring epoxies, solid based aliphatic 100% solid epoxies are the best. That implies what? Essentially, you obtain 100% paint if you utilize 100% solids. Regardless of what you use, you will certainly obtain 100% outcomes. As epoxy paint dries out, whatever percentage of the paint is less than 100% is the amount that will certainly vaporize away. When solid paints vaporize, it is the solvents or, when epoxy paint based on water, it is the water.

A coating having 50% solids, as an example, will certainly vaporize away 50% of the coating when it dries out. Water-based paint, which has the most affordable high quality, has the most affordable solids percentage. With the exception of primers & overcoats, primers have a lower solids content since they are thinner so they can soak up into the pores in the concrete, while overcoats typically include urethane which displaces solids. You can utilize lower solids primers & topcoats, simply keep away from water-based items. Water-based items have a WB in their name or component number. Ultimately, high percentage solids epoxy resins do not execute along with 100% solids epoxy resins. This guide has actually never been and also never will certainly be suitable for use as a top coat. The same chooses all Cycloaliphatic Epoxies which can be described as a economical Hybrid Epoxy. These epoxies wear out early, bubble through application, and also yellow conveniently.

It is bewildering to us when epoxy flooring paints don’t need anything prepped prior to using. All epoxy floor covering jobs need good flooring preparation. Neither we nor you would certainly ever set up a flooring without prepping it. New enchanting solutions show up each year with crazy pledges. “High Solids Epoxy” has actually been regarded adequate lately. Many firms’ epoxies aren’t also similar to our primers, and also their high solids epoxies are also worse. Epoxies with high solids are primers, period. The same options that have worked in the past and also will certainly work in the future will certainly be remained to be used by us. You are running the risk of succumbing to advertising and marketing buzz.

Epoxies are completely various from overcoats, so you need to make that distinction up front. Base coats and also middle coats are epoxy layers that are constantly covered with a topcoat, known as a overcoat. What’s the reason? Due to the reality that topcoats are chemically more difficult than the epoxy finishes they cover. The function of epoxy is to give both density and also adhesion. Secure yourself and also your auto with Pro Armour Topcoats, which are made of high-grade urethane. The relevance of overcoats can not be overstated. It is important for you to realize that including UV additives to a clear epoxy will certainly not affect a pigmented epoxy. Although it is not a overcoat, it is still epoxy. Long-term sturdiness is not assured because of its effect or abrasion ratings.

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Variety of Styles

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  • Nov 25th, 2021
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John and Valerie did an awesome job on my project, coating concrete area that will be used for high forklift traffic. They were able to provide me with the color I needed, and my client is supper happy with the results.

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John and Valerie were extremely communicative, responsive and knowledgeable. John was PART of the install not just a figurehead. They transformed a new - but shoddy - concrete job surrounding our pool into a beautiful sight.

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Pro Armour delivered a quality product and lived up to everything they promised. They were responsive to my questions. The crew was very courteous and did a thorough job. On top of it all, they were a fraction of what other companies were charging...